Want to become a Master Manifestor and ATTRACT what you Desire with Ease?  

We are giving away all our secrets  and teaching you how to harness the magic of the Moon so you can Manifest, Launch and Generate Sales in energetic flow with the Lunar Cycle.


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...you were able to develop a deep spiritual connection to the Universe, and attract what your soul most desires .... by simply harnessing the power of the Moon’s cycle.

...you were able to shift your money mindset, open yourself to receiving money and take daily inspired action in your business without a moment's hesitation.

...you were able to help more people and grow your business with confidence and attraction, without falling into the vortex of squirrel brain and imposter syndrome.


Moon Goddess is a high-touch coaching experience where we will guide you IN REAL TIME through 2 complete Lunar Cycles! You will become a Master Moon Manifestor, and attract what you desire most right NOW!

Group Coaching

Join Laura & Betsy for TWO Live coaching calls per month.  Not only will you get to ask questions specific to your own life and business, but you will hear what your fellow Moon Goddesses are working on, plus find community and accountability like never before. 

12+ Video Modules

In Moon Goddess™ you are getting intimate support as we guide you from one Lunar phase to the next.  We give you our exact steps to Moon Manifesting Shortcuts so that you can finally understand HOW to embody your Divine Feminine energy, ATTRACT what you desire, so you can receive money with ease!

Private Facebook Group

A private Moon Goddess Facebook community where you can receive real-time support as you work through each lunar phase.

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"The Moon Goddess Course has changed the way I run my business and added so much insight into my personal life! 

I have manifested incredible collaborations and clients in the 8 weeks of the course, and I could not be happier! I am excited to use this information over and over and let the energy of the moon renew each cycle.

Laura and Betsy have so much knowledge, wisdom and also hold such sacred space for those of us taking the course.  Thank you ladies, I am forever changed and so excited to embrace this energy!"

- Renee Groenland, www.strellewellness.com

Moon Goddess is for you if....

  • You are great at what you do, but feel lost/overwhelmed when it comes to deciding where to put your energy for greatest profitability.
  • You crave freedom and flexibility in your business so you can focus on the things you love like friends, family and your favorite activities.  
  • You want to confidently manifest in ALL areas of your life, so you can experience more of the abundance, freedom, and love you desire.
  • You have BIG VISION DREAM$ for creating abundance in your life and business but are short on time.  You’re ready to make the magic happen NOW!
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"Moon Goddess and the amazing creators Laura + Betsy helped me get my POWER back!

It was mind blowing how accurate the connection was to how I was feeling and to each phase of the moon.

"Moon Goddess has put my healing journey into hyper-speed and has changed my life in a MASSIVE way!  I now feel so strong and capable to sink into my luscious/ feminine side and TRUST my gut.

- Danya Dekroon - Artist, @dayna.dekroon


  • MOON MANIFESTING SHORTCUTS: finally understand HOW to embody your divine feminine energy so you can ATTRACT what you desire and stay open to receiving money with ease!

  • How to use each Lunar Phase to ACCELERATE your business: from planning to content creation, launching programs, generating sales and filling up your events for your business. 

  • How to HAVE MORE SUCCESS by DOING LESS: a freedom-based business plan that allows you to Receive more money and enjoy the lifestyle your desire. 

  • Our step by step Moon Goddess MethodTM Launch plan: you will be creating, marketing and generating sales with confidence and clarity in the next 60 days!

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"Betsy & Laura are so much fun and have boundless energy in their Moon Goddess Videos and live chats!

You both have me laughing out loud and thinking hard on so many subjects.

Your WooWoo, spiritual and business talks have so much valuable information and I'm SO GRATEFUL to be on the receiving end."

- Sonya Shinn Edwards, www.sonyaedwards.net

FREE BONUS: Each Moon Goddess will receive a personalized Moon chart based on when you were born!   

(Value $222 USD)

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"This course has given me so much trust in myself to listen to my body, feelings, and emotions as they are leading me to exactly where I am meant to be. 

I feel so so so thankful to have gravitated to you ladies via Instagram, this program found me, which was complete fate. 

The value [Betsy and Laura] share is truly inspiring. You have provided tools that I will use for the rest of my life."    

- Jaimi Leighann  @unicornqueenjaimi


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