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383. Human Design Myths Keeping You Spinning in Your Work

luscioushustlepodcast Jan 18, 2022

Your Human Design is neither good nor bad; neither lucky nor unfortunate.  It is an energetic tool that - when individually embodied - can expand your consciousness, magnetism, and success. 

No one energy type is more capable. No one energy center is more powerful. 

HD is an awareness of your unique energetic blueprint, how to use it and how to know when you’re out of alignment. 

In this episode, Betsy and Laura explore the myths that may be keeping you stuck in using your design to its fullest potential: 

  • The myth of “waiting” in human design.
  • Deconditioning old habits of the not-self.
  • The critical step of embodying your own design first.
  • Embracing the “unsexy” basics of your design.
  • Where human design can be applied in your life.
  • How the traditional business paradigm is at odds with human design.
  • Personal lessons translated into business wisdom. 


UNSTOPPABLE Mastermind is for coaches, entrepreneurs, and business...

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382. THIS Is Why You’re Not An Impostor

luscioushustlepodcast Jan 13, 2022

Are you trusting or doubting the timing of your success in business? 

In this episode, Betsy explores why and how personal power aligned with your divine feminine will always trump impostor syndrome.  Discover what you need to beat out impostor syndrome for good. 

  •  What are you scared of in business right now?
  • Real-time bravery in showing up before you’re ready.
  • Proving that you’re not a fraud or an impostor.
  • How to know what strategies will work for you.
  • What to do when your business stops working.
  • THIS is why you’re not an impostor.
  • Trust versus doubt in your success.
  • The theme for 2022.
  • What do you need to do today to become wildly successful? 


UNSTOPPABLE Mastermind is for coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners who are committed to doing the deeper (sexy) work to BECOME the trusted feminine leader who generates money and creates massive impact YOUR WAY. 




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381. Relationship Marketing: A Formula for Reaching New Customers with Reese Spikerman

luscioushustlepodcast Jan 11, 2022

Reese Spykerman is an online optimization expert who has spent more than 15 years working with entrepreneurs and companies on campaigns that attract loyal customers.  

Today she helps e-commerce brands quadruple their online revenues with her copy, design, and strategy framework. 

After living in Malaysia for 7 years, Reese returned to her home of Northern Michigan, where she lives with her husband and 4-pound pupper. She’s an introvert through and through, a lover of Detroit-style pizza, and is obsessed with the tv show 12 Monkeys.

In this episode Reese discusses: 

  • Her trailblazing journey in online entrepreneurship.
  • Trusting in your intuition to take a different path.
  • Using technology to be a better person.
  • The positioning and copywriting elements that you need in place to make your social media matter.
  • Is the art of copywriting dying?
  • Understanding your entrepreneurial ‘lineage’.  
  • How indie brands with heart can leverage relationship...
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380. Why Hustle is NOT a Dirty Word

luscioushustlepodcast Jan 06, 2022

In this episode, Betsy shares why women entrepreneurs need to rethink and ground back into the word hustle. 

She reveals our secret to success and the MOST important thing you can do for yourself in your work right now: 

  • The trigger word that started a brand and movement.
  • Rewriting the definition of hustle.
  • How Projectors are designed to work and the 4-hour workday.
  • People-pleasing micro habits.
  • The duality of the feminine and masculine energy in business.
  • Showing up differently and the human design types.
  • Rewriting the word hustle for yourself and your business success. 


UNSTOPPABLE Mastermind is for coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners who are committed to doing the deeper (sexy) work to BECOME the trusted feminine leader who generates money and creates massive impact YOUR WAY. 



Luscious Hustle on Instagram We’re so honored that you’re tuning into this luscious...

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379. How To Go From Fearful to Fearless in Business

luscioushustlepodcast Jan 04, 2022

Is fear stopping you from taking action in your work? 

Fear is not bad. In fact, it's evolutionarily necessary to keep you safe from danger or trouble lurking ahead.

However, in business, fear can wreak havoc. Many entrepreneurs do not reach their full potential because fear stops them from taking action, and brings creativity to a standstill.

In this episode, Betsy and Laura share how to turn your fear into the foundation you need to fear-less and take your next aligned action: 

  •  Declaration of what you REALLY want for 2022.
  • 3/5 profile in human design.
  • Where your fear really comes from.
  • Addressing fear from the feminine perspective.
  • What the Universe hears when you speak.
  • The generational shift in creating financial stability.
  • Understanding failure as an experience.
  • Cultivating a foundation of safety.
  • Utilizing your individuality in your business.
  • What it means to have zero sunk costs. 


UNSTOPPABLE Mastermind is for coaches, entrepreneurs, and...

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378. Understanding Reflectors: Mirrors and Magnifiers of Well-being

luscioushustlepodcast Dec 31, 2021

Reflectors are the unicorns of Human Design; they are only 1% of the population.  You know you are a Reflector if you have no defined centers in your Human Design chart.

Betsy and Laura discuss the myths and magic of how reflectors can best understand themselves and why all energy types need a reflector in their lives. 

  • Why reflectors are rare but highly vital members of the community.
  • The difference between energy and non-energy beings.
  • Understanding your strategy of using the lunar cycle.
  • What does it mean to be a chameleon?
  • Waiting versus divine timing.
  • The matters of using your open or undefined energy centers.
  • Learning to embrace the design you were born to embody.
  • Magnifying the health and well-being of the community. 



New to human design? 

Get your free chart HERE. Then learn how to use your Human Design to ignite your inner magnetism and start attracting more of what you desire with our HD training MAGNETIC,...

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377. Celebrating 2021: How are You Leading Yourself to Success?

Betsy & Laura share a candid chat about their individual journeys in 2021, as well as their friendship and business partnership through the year and what led them to new successes in business. 

  •  Celebrating 5 years of the Luscious Hustle podcast.
  • The secret to starting before you are ready.
  • Give yourself control over the outcomes you want. 
  • A winning “experiment” in building your dream.
  • How to have staying power.
  • Self Leadership in friendship and in business.
  • The role our human designs plays in our success.
  • Top 3 Episodes of 2021 on the podcast.
  • Disrupting the coaching industry in 2022.
  • Self-made women entrepreneurs.
  • Why women need to build their businesses in a new way.
  • Generating money and creating a massive impact YOUR WAY. 


Top 3 Luscious Hustle Episodes: 

#1  - Episode 356 - Manifesting & Human Design: The New Path to Quantum Success

#2  - Episode 354 - Women, Wealth & Power: The Paradigm Shift

#3 - Episode...

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376. How to Navigate Change in Your Entrepreneurial Vision with Brittany Keeling

Brittany Keeling has been a passionate entrepreneur since she graduated high school, owning multiple businesses over the last 6 years. 

She recently decided to close the doors to her business and shift from entrepreneur to intrapreneur within another quickly growing startup. Brittany believes in going against the grain, challenging industry standards, and relentlessly following your intuition when you're feeling called to do something differently.

In this episode you will hear: 

  • The evolution of online entrepreneurship over the past 10 years.
  • Brittany’s roller-coast personal and entrepreneurial journey.
  • Intrapreneur: What It Is and Why It May Be Perfect For You.
  • How to relentlessly follow your intuition.
  • Navigating the perfect entrepreneurial journey for you.
  • Ego death and rediscovering freedom IN/FROM your 9 to 5 job.
  • Reexamining your unique skillsets and how to use them in your business.
  • The duality of BEING in both your masculine and feminine energy.
  • The...
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375. The Misconceptions and Magic of the Manifestor Aura

Manifestors are here to act quickly and independently to create an impact on others and the world around them.  They have the ability to move their energy into action and thus are the only energy type designed to initiate. 

Tune in as Betsy and Laura explain the importance of a Manifestor’s strategy and how they can go before feeling controlled to truly being in their power: 

  •  Misconceptions about being a Manifestor energy type.
  • Owning Your Aura.
  • Understanding how manifestor energy can become stagnant and bored.
  • Divine Feminine Rising: Embracing the anger within.
  • Exploring the spicy-ness of the non-self theme for manifestos.
  • What makes you a Manifestor in human design.
  • How manifestor children are different.
  • The key strategy of initiating and informing. 



New to human design? Get your free chart HERE. 

THEN, learn how to use your Human Design to ignite your inner magnetism and start attracting more of what you...

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374. Chakra Healing: Building Success From Within with Jessica Rose

luscioushustlepodcast Dec 14, 2021

Jessica Rose is a highly regarded healer, facilitator, mentor, and speaker. She is the founder of the Chakra Healing Certification Program and Divine Maven brand, focusing on energy management and intuitive development for a thriving life and business.


From budding entrepreneur to successful business owner, she helps women create a new paradigm around achieving their goals - without the hustle or traditional external values. By focusing on their subtle body system and values rooted in service, they are able to find success and fulfillment while living out their purpose with passion.


In this episode you will hear: 

  • Traditional versus Human Design Chakra system.
  • Evolution of the chakra system.
  • Bridging the upper and lower chakras.
  • Understanding your “trouble spots” in chakra healing.
  • Jessica’s alignment journey as a Manifestor in HD.
  • The worthiness of receiving, expanding your capacity as a healer.
  • Building certainty and faith in your ability to...
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