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100. Manifest Your Next Level: LIVE Luscious Hustler Q&A with Betsy and Laura

manifesting podcast Nov 27, 2018

Today we are celebrating our 100th full-length episode with a very special Q&A session.  It is a masterclass in manifesting and how to bust through some of the common limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.



  • Why personal development and business development go hand in hand [ 9:15 ]
  • The biggest mistake we see new entrepreneurs making in their business [ 13:35 ]
  • The secrets to successfully manifesting what you want [ 15:15 ]
  • The simple self-check to perform when you are struggling to make sales [ 21:30 ]
  • The art of a digital handshake in a social media world [ 24:45 ]
  • How do you step into building a personal brand on social media [ 29:33 ]
  • How do you deal with a lull in sales leading into and out of the holidays and when is the best time to launch a new product [ 34:20 ]


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