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101.Redefining Sales - The Ultimate Success Plan with Bernadette Doyle

podcast sales Dec 04, 2018

In today’s episode, we're excited to introduce you to Bernadette Doyle, a transformational expert and founder of Online Profits University, an online school that teaches entrepreneurs how to create new income streams.

Her entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 26, when she found herself overwhelmed in her corporate job and realized she was successfully trading her time for money, and not feeling satisfied with her success. By packaging her expertise into products and expanding into online programs, Bernadette was able to find the success and time freedom she had previously craved.

Today she is here helping us dive into the secrets of selling with soul, and why leaning into sales is a vital part of any business.



  • The limited business model that Bernadette began with [ 3:18 ]
  • The second business model that opened Bernadette’s eyes to scaling [ 4:18 ]
  • Where you should actually start in your online business plan [ 6:54 ]
  • Why you should sell before you create [ 9:11 ]
  • The best form of personal development [ 10:58 ]
  • What creative avoidance looks like [ 12:22 ]
  • The best advice you can live by to open new doors [ 20:19 ]
  • One of the most important business skills you can invest in [ 17:38]
  • Who the actual unsung heroes of progress are [ 20:17 ]
  • The biggest mistakes made in sales conversations [ 21:18]
  • The details of the ultimate success plan [ 26:38 ]
  • How NLP has helped Bernadette progress in business [ 30:26 ]
  • The fastest way to make change happen [ 31:48 ]
  • How to begin up-levelling your business mindset [ 36:58]


Connect with Bernadette:

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