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103: Micro Actions & Mindset Shifts to Next Level your Business with Naomi Mdudu

podcast productivity Dec 18, 2018

Naomi Mdudu is an international speaker, coach, and editor, as well as the founder and CEO of The Lifestyle Edit. After working for nine years in the editorial space with some of the world’s leading newspapers, and interviewing many of the world’s top designers and celebrities, Naomi saw an opportunity in the market she wanted to explore—the journeys and strategies entrepreneurs were using to achieve success.

Fusing her love of fashion, storytelling, and in-depth interviews, Naomi created The Lifestyle Edit as a space for great content and storytelling to thrive. Today she is here sharing her journey and the lessons she learned by taking a leap of faith and following her passion.



  • The marketplace gap that Naomi identified and pursued [ 3:40 ]
  • Where business insights and inspiration actually stem from [ 5:27 ]
  • Where all of Naomi’s business ventures have started [ 8:54 ]
  • The big mistake that many new entrepreneurs make [ 11:03 ]
  • How Naomi learned to let go of needing to “do it all” [ 12:40 ]
  • The true magic behind your first hire [ 15:30 ]
  • How to clarify your personal business intentions [ 20:33 ]
  • How leaning into the work brings out the good [ 24:45 ]
  • How to take the first step when you feel resistance [ 26:02 ]
  • How to better structure your work week for flow [ 29:30 ]
  • Naomi’s non-negotiable daily self-care routine [ 31:21 ]
  • How to set clear boundaries in your business [ 34:39 ]
  • Why you should double down on being you [ 37:45 ]
  • How to transition your sales mindset [ 43:40 ]


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