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106: Entrepreneurial Growth Through the Lens of a Master Photographer with Raya Al-Hashmi

In today’s episode, we are excited to introduce you to our friend and brand photographer, Raya Al-Hashmi. If a photo is worth 1000 words, then Raya truly is a master storyteller. Blending her background in journalism with her love of photography, Raya’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs showcase themselves so they can show up more effectively in the world.

Today she is here helping us break down the importance of photos for your brand, what to look for when choosing a photographer, as well as insights into how she built her own brand by stepping out from behind the lens.



  • How Raya’s love affair with photography grew into a business [ 2:58 ]
  • Why soulful entrepreneurs need a brand photoshoot [ 7.32 ]
  • Raya’s artistic approach to a photo shoot [ 11:48 ]
  • How to say no to a business relationship [ 14:58 ]
  • The questions to ask yourself in order to niche down [ 17:38 ]
  • The power of personal photos on social media [ 19:13 ]
  • Where branding goes wrong [ 22:03 ]
  • How to let your message flow more organically online [ 25:23 ]
  • The benefits of collaboration in business [ 27:08 ]
  • How to nail your first brand photoshoot [ 30:18 ]
  • Photoshoot faux-pas [ 37:13 ]
  • How to view entrepreneurship as the opportunity for growth [ 45:58 ]


Connect with Raya:

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