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108. Using Your Voice: A Man's Perspective on Authenticity, The Rise of Women & Feminism

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2019

We are super excited to be bringing you this conversation today because it’s a little bit different than what we normally record. It is a timely conversation though and it meant a lot to both of us.

Mike Watts is an entrepreneur, a speaker, a husband, and a father, and he describes himself as The Business Architect. He helps established business owners and entrepreneurs build solid operating structures so they can scale to the next level of revenue in their business.

He has been a strong, welcomed and different voice on social media when it comes to women’s rights, feminism, and the #metoo movement. We are always talking about the harmony between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy and how that shows up in our business and so today we are excited to explore this conversation from a man’s perspective.



How Mike views his responsibility to being authentic online [ 12:36 ]
Mike’s perspective on the recent women’s movement [ 15:53 ]
Traditional views of masculinity [ 19:43 ]
How masculine ego drives a business, but affects relationships [ 22:20 ]
Mike’s current focus in his life and business, which is not traditionally masculine [ 26:10 ]
How men and women approach business differently [ 29:12 ]
How long a man’s cycle is [ 31:55 ]
How men are learning to embrace the Divine Feminine [ 33:45 ]
How Mike has been planning his day for his energy cycle [ 41:18 ]
How to effectively communicate with a male partner [ 43:40 ]
How to support a man’s vulnerability [ 47:42 ]
Optimal energy levels for effective connection in a relationship [ 50:55 ]
Mike’s epiphany about other people’s experiences [ 1:01:02]
A man’s take on getting a husband on board [ 1:06:01 ]


Connect with Mike:

Website: www.mikejwatts.com
Instagram: @mikejwatts
Podcast: The Kate and Mike Show

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