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114: Going With The Flow: How To Intuitively Build Your Business with Brittney Carmichael

podcast Mar 05, 2019

In today’s episode, we’re excited to introduce you to Brittney Carmichael. Brittney is a trail-blazing lightworker, psychic medium, hair stylist, empowerment coach, and founder of Shine School - an online course to help women awaken their authentic self and shine from the inside. She is known for her truth-telling and down-to-earth spiritual style, and her ability to make women feel beautiful both inside and out.

Today she is here explaining how women can shine from the inside by breaking free of negative beliefs, letting go of limiting labels, and tapping into our creative powers so that we can confidently lean into our passions and live life with intention.





    • The question that Brittney asked women, which sparked her online school [ 6:06 ]
    • The conversation that women need to be having right now [ 8:00 ]
    • Two catalysts for change [ 9:40 ]
    • Whether you can learn and grow into spirituality [ 14:47 ]
    • How you can view the “woo” through a scientific lens [ 19:21 ]
    • Brittney’s moment of clarity that introduced her to spirituality [ 21:09 ]
    • What Tarot is [ 25:44 ]
    • Where you naturally find your passion [ 28:09 ]
    • How to give yourself permission to do what’s right for you [ 34:00 ]
    • How to show up to make things happen [ 38:40 ]
    • How to effectively run a business as a multi-passionate creative [ 40:35 ]
    • Why Brittney doesn’t rush [ 45:28 ]
    • Why we need to disconnect our worth from our Instagram profile [ 47:00 ]


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