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121: Rewriting Your Money Story: The Wealth vs. Poverty Mindset

podcast Apr 23, 2019

Money is power.

Money gives you options.

Money gives you freedom.

As women, we have to become comfortable talking about money and feeling worthy of money to create change, not only for ourselves but for the women we are meant to serve.

Today we are diving into the difference between a wealth mindset and a poverty mindset so that you can begin to identify where you stand. Rewriting your wealth story is a process that starts with a single step, and we’re showing you exactly how to begin.





    • How small money hangups can create big mental blocks [ 3:03 ]
    • Where to start opening up to identify your money hangups [ 4:44 ]
    • Three easy steps to begin receiving [ 6:36 ]
    • Why women suck at receiving [ 7:23 ]
    • How the lessons we learn impact the money we make [ 10:00 ]
    • What wealthy people are really good at [ 12:27 ]
    • How rich and poor people play the money game [ 14:12 ]
    • How rich people feel about promoting themselves [ 16:58 ]
    • The cornerstone of a wealth mindset [ 17:36 ]
    • How wealthy people structure their income [ 18:38 ]
    • What might be stopping you in your tracks [ 22:47 ]
    • A simple way to reframe your mindset as you begin to change [ 25:12 ]

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