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122: The Power of Crowd Funding for Female-Founded Businesses with Sarah Moe

podcast Apr 30, 2019

Today on the podcast we are diving into the power of crowdfunding with Sarah Moe. She explains why you should consider crowdfunding if you are starting a business and why this is especially important if you are a female entrepreneur. You’ll also learn the hidden benefits of a crowdfunding campaign and common pitfalls to avoid.


Sarah Moe is a former lawyer, who is now a business and crowdfunding coach. She’s been featured on Girl Boss, Bustle, and CNBC. Sarah works for I Fund Women, a company that is on a mission to fund more female-founded businesses.





    • What crowdfunding is and why it’s important [ 5:21 ]
    • The biggest misconceptions about who can crowdfund [ 7:15 ]
    • How to use crowdfunding as a marketing tool [ 9:03 ]
    • Hidden benefits of a crowdfunding campaign [ 10:39 ]
    • The power of an emotional video to back your campaign [ 13:57 ]
    • Why campaigns fail [ 17:10 ]
    • Why women should consider crowdfunding [ 20:25 ]
    • How to position yourself now to crowdfund in the future [ 22:07 ]
    • The money mindset shift required for crowdfunding [ 25:56 ]
    • How to start crowdfunding [ 28:10 ]
    • What’s different about crowdfunding with I Fund Women [ 29:51 ]
    • Sarah’s origin story from corporate litigation to supporting entrepreneurs [ 35:36 ] 


Connect with Sarah:

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