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123. What Is Fear Costing You in Your Business?

fear podcast May 07, 2019

Today we are diving into the places in our business where fear creeps in to prevent us from moving forward. And that fear is often linked directly to our money or lack thereof. So we’re showing you exactly how to face these fears head-on, whether you have the money in the bank or not.



    • Where fear creeps in the most in your business [ 1:57 ]
    • What to do if your laptop is slowing you down [ 2:44 ]
    • How to view the investment in childcare [ 4:44 ]
    • How to get the big ticket items when you don’t have the money [ 5:41 ]
    • How to launch the product or service without money [ 9:19 ]
    • Where to produce quality graphics affordably [ 11:46 ]
    • What an employee mindset might be costing you as an entrepreneur [ 13:09 ]
    • How to play the long game to afford what you need [ 14:40 ]
    • A powerful option to create the space you need as a soulful entrepreneur [ 16:50 ]
    • The key to making large upfront investments [ 18:42 ]
    • The first step to being able to share your vision [ 21:13 ]
    • Your most precious resource [ 21:52 ]

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