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124: How To Avoid Self-Sabotage as a Soulful Entrepreneur with Emily Cassel

podcast May 14, 2019

Emily is a leadership and business coach for women entrepreneurs and she’s the host of the Sexy Soulful Success podcast. She is a speaker, retreat facilitator, and believer that everyone can achieve their big crazy dream.

Today we are diving into empowerment, relationships with our mothers, and soulful self-care. We also speak candidly about how, as Luscious Hustlers, we tend to get in our own way, and Emily lays out very tangibly where in our lives and businesses self-sabotage shows up.




    • What positive psychology is [ 6:45 ]
    • How an entrepreneurial mother influenced and educated Emily [ 10:05 ]
    • Defining the masculine and feminine parts of our businesses [ 15:37 ]
    • How Emily harmonizes her masculine and feminine qualities [ 19:00 ]
    • How to maximize the time you spend in your zone of genius [ 22:17 ]
    • How to bring yourself back to center [ 23:02 ]
    • How to trust your divine downloads [ 25:02 ]
    • The most common signs of self-sabotage in business [ 30:43 ]
    • Why community is so vital for women [ 34:49 ]
    • What busy could be masking in your life [ 36:54 ]
    • How Emily weaves her spiritual practices throughout each day [ 40:09 ]


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