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133. Instagram & Intimacy: Sales Secrets Part 1

podcast sales Jun 28, 2019

If you find yourself struggling on your sales calls, we’re here to tell you it has nothing to do with your strategy and everything to do with a lack of intimacy. #plottwist

So today we’re dispelling the myths of selling online and explaining how to get intimate with your potential customers by having conversations on social media and discovery calls.



    • Where new solopreneurs are wasting time in their business [ 3:40 ]
    • How to speak/DM intimately with your prospects [ 6:05 ]
    • What happens when you have intimacy issues with your money [ 11:32 ]
    • 3 ways to get intimate (platonically!) on Instagram [ 13:28 ]
    • What the Amazon Effect is [ 17:24 ]



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