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135. Becoming a Mindful Influencer with Jess Penesso

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2019

Today we are very excited to introduce the wonderful Jess Penesso. Jess is a brand strategist, host of The Mindful Influencer Podcast, and also one of our incredible Luscious Mastermind students. 

In this episode, we are diving into how Jess has 5x her Instagram followers in the past year while and growing her brand with intention, enthusiasm, and alignment. Jess has infused mindfulness into all aspects of her life, from her yoga practice to how she views her 9-to-5.

We are also breaking down everything you need to know to become a Mindful Influencers:  from the small action steps needed to build your own brand, the importance of speaking to the right followers, and how to take great photos for your social media feed.




    • What a mindful influencer is [ 3:01 ]
    • How to change your mindset on your 9-to-5 [ 7:27 ]
    • Small steps to growing your personal brand online [ 10:17 ]
    • Tips to better appeal to your social media audience [ 12:40 ]
    • Why you should invest in photos of yourself [ 14:25 ]
    • How to get over being nervous about taking Instagram videos in public [ 17:43 ]
    • Why mindfulness is so necessary in today’s noisy world [ 21:05 ]
    • Jess’s secret sauce to business growth [ 23:06 ]




Connect with Jess:

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