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174. Leaning Into Authenticity With Abagail And Emylee Of Boss Project

podcast Nov 19, 2019

We must first say how big of fans we are of Abagail and Emylee of Boss Project. It’s rare we meet another partnership so similar to ours and we took the opportunity to discuss several topics on today’s episode. Tune in for Abagail and Emylee’s takes on collaboration vs partnerships, staying grounded in the entrepreneurial world, leaning into authenticity, and pivoting in business.

Abagail and Emylee founded Boss Project, formerly known as Think Creative Collective, just months after meeting each other online. What began as a conversation over wine on Abagail’s office floor transformed into building a community and business that had ridiculous goals, dreams, and ideas. Together they built a multi-six-figure business in under 12-months by helping thousands of creative entrepreneurs build a soul-fulfilling and freaking profitable business.

When they’re not building their empire you can find Abagail arranging fresh flowers, cuddling her rescue beagles or cooking up some amazing, healthy meals. If you want to catch up with Emylee you’ll need to head to the local coffee shop to find her (and make sure to buy her an extra shot). Otherwise, she’s creepily watching her toddler sleep or posing her newest houseplant for an Insta-worthy gram.

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