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197. How To Create A Life That You Love With Kacia Fitzgerald

podcast Feb 04, 2020

Today we have Kacia Fitzgerald on the podcast! Kacia has a background in Network Marketing, she built a 6 figure business on the side while working at Google in Corporate Recruiting, then left the corporate world in April of 2015 to build her side hustle into a 7 figure full-blown BIZ! Kacia has a top-rated Business Podcast called "EmpowerHER" and she is the founder & CEO of the newly launched She Goes Company; a company founded on the mission of empowering women with tools and communities to take purpose-driven action toward building lives they love. Kacia lives in downtown San Diego with her fiance Seena & dog Lizzie.

We dive into how IT IS possible to build your side hustle to 6 figures while still working a 9-5, building confidence through your macro vision, falling in love with the process, and how to rewrite stories with confirmation bias! This episode is FULL of gold!

Connect with Kacia: http://www.kaciafitzgerald.com/

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