199. How Stress Affects Our Physical Health with Ciara Clark

podcast Feb 10, 2020

Ciara Clark is a holistic health coach, yoga instructor, and plant-based expert. Through mindfulness, movement, and plant-based nutrition, Ciara specializes in helping high-achieving women ditch the belly bloat and achieve their goals to feel comfortable and more vibrant in their own skin. As a Scientist by training, Ciara uses a unique westernized and holistic perspective that aims to create customized wellness approaches, empowering women to find strength in healing their own bodies.

We discuss the impact that stress can have on your overall health and well-being, the warning signs of stress becoming detrimental to your health, how it's not always but about 'cutting out' but 'putting in', what an imbalance in hormones can do to our bodies, the connection between your mind and your gut, and SO MANY other incredible topics!

Connect with Ciara: https://ciaraclarkwellness.com/


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