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203. Creating a Legally Legit Business with Sam Vander Wielen

podcast Feb 24, 2020

Sam Vander Wielen is an attorney-turned-entrepreneur who helps coaches, creatives, and consultants legally protect and grow their online brands through her legal templates and signature program, the Fearlessly Legal™️ Ultimate Bundle. She lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband Ryan, lots of plants and her ever-growing stack of favorite books. If you’ve always associated attorneys with words like “shark,” “intense,” and “cutthroat,” you’re in for a down-to-earth breath of legal fresh air from Sam.

We talk about the overwhelm and intimidation we feel around becoming legally legit and how to reframe these feelings, to incorporate or not to incorporate, why you shouldn't let an accountant call your legal shots, how money doesn't determine if you're "a real biz" or not, and how most money mindset problems are rooted in not believing in yourself.

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