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210. Your Energy is EVERYTHING

podcast Mar 19, 2020

Chances are, if you start talking to someone about business, all of the questions are going to surrounded by money. What's the ROI, have you hit 100k yet, are you having 5 figure months, and it just keeps going.

But we know that it's deeper than that. We know that EVERYTHING comes down to your energy. Scared of sales? You won't make any. Scared to show up on video? No one will hear you. We know all of these things to be true. And if all of that is true, then MONEY is simply ENERGY.

So, how you're navigating, protecting, and honoring your energy is going to directly affect how much money you're able to attract and receive.

If you're ready to harness your energy so that you can create more income, this is THE episode for you!

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