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211. How To Crush Evergreen Sales with Margo Carroll

podcast Mar 23, 2020

Margo Carroll is an email marketing strategist and sales funnel copywriter for online business owners. Through her company, Remedy Writing LLC, she helps trained experts sell their coaching, courses, and services with adaptable evergreen sales funnels that grow alongside their business. She supports entrepreneurs with her high-touch Funnel Build Intensives in Bellingham, WA, and her signature group program, the Trailblazer Toolkit™️. She lives on a small island north of Seattle with her husband Jeff and two vibrant toddlers. If you’ve always thought “sales” is a synonym for “sleazy,” you’re in for an empathy-driven marketing treat from Margo.

We talk about writing sales copy that ACTUALLY sells, the differences between writing a blog post vs a sales page, what it means to write for your clients "level of awareness", the most common mistakes you're making with your copy, and how to sell with empathy! Ready to write some killer sales copy? Let's dive in!

Download your Trailblazer’s Roadmap for Online Course Sales: bit.ly/antiroadmap
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