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219. Impactful Entrepreneurship with Connor Curran

podcast Apr 20, 2020

Connor Curran is one of the co-owners of Local Laundry, a Canadian made garments company that uses clothing as a vehicle to build community. Connor started Local Laundry four years ago after Googling: ‘How To Start A T-Shirt Company’ and watching a YouTube video. Now Connor works on Local Laundry full time with a commitment to donate over $1 Million to local charities across Canada. Local Laundry can be found in over 20 stores across Canada and is heralding the importance of supporting Canadian manufacturing.

Here's what we dive into:
-getting fired from his job
-moving to Sweden with his wife to work on his MBA
-impactful entrepreneurship
-how entrepreneurs aren't always the smartest, but the most obsessed
-income mindset vs business mindset
-Connors goal to GIVE BACK one million dollars to his community

This episode is so incredible. If you want to learn more about making money AND giving back... this is for YOU!

Connect with Connor and Local Laundry:


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