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220. Being Multi Passionate with Cassandra Shuck

podcast Apr 23, 2020

Cassandra’s always been good at “the hustle”. From a young age, Cassandra cultivated the belief that she had to be self-sufficient to succeed. This helped her escape from a turbulent upbringing in a household stricken with abuse.

Cassandra’s entrepreneurial endeavors taught her first hand how trauma can manifest in different ways; self-sabotaging, doubting your intuition, white-knuckle control, and even, perfectionism. Despite these challenges, she was able to create and grow multiple successful businesses including Tola Marketing + Creative and Milkin’ Cookie, from the ground up. She’s discovered what it truly takes to leverage trauma and define a new level of income, impact, and fulfillment. Through her experience helping women in some of the most meaningful times of their lives, as a birth doula, she realized the power of women working together.

In her current role as business growth and profitability expert, Cassandra helps female entrepreneurs unlock their highest potential. She approaches each client and project with a fresh perspective, innovation, and curiosity.

We dive into:
- her journey and childhood
- being multi-passionate
- how fear is always 'there'
- integrating all of you for the benefit of your biz

For more information about Cassandra’s story or to connect with her visit CassandraShuck.com.

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