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227. Blending the Masculine and the Feminine with Roxanne Saffaie

podcast May 18, 2020

Roxanne Saffaie AKA “Roxy,” is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach, and the Founder & Host of BlackBeltBeauty Radio — a leading podcast in optimizing Self Development, Life-Performance, and Health. As a rising thought leader in Personal Empowerment & High- Performance living, Roxanne inspires and leads others to adopt a capable and fierce mindset that allows them to cultivate the highest expressions of themselves.
Alongside her work in helping her community pursue their desired path, Roxanne has also made her mark over the past 15 years as a renowned Celebrity Makeup Artist & Consultant to prestigious media and beauty brands. One of the most unique aspects of Roxanne is her expression of high-performance living that redefines the essence of being “feminine.” As both athlete and artist, her daily lifestyle displays the harmonious utilization of both masculine and feminine energies in all facets of her life— from kicking ass on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mats to designing flawless makeup for the Oscars red carpet.
Roxanne breathes new life into being a High-Performer through her a holistic lifestyle that is powered by mindfulness, optimized nutrition supporting cellular health & body composition, and the diversity of movement. This interconnectivity aids the ability to relentlessly keep your edge by leveling up in life while simultaneously respecting your well-being from heart to spirit. This is the genesis behind Roxanne’s lifestyle brand BlackBeltBeauty and its tagline “Mastering the Beauty of YOU.”

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