267. Breathing Into Expansion: Breathwork for True Transformation with Haley Niichel

Haley Niichel is a Sattva Yoga teacher, Certified Spiritual + Life Coach and all-around rebel badass. She’s been shedding self-limiting beliefs through leaving the security of her corporate gig as a single mom and spending time in India where she learned tools to optimize her wellbeing. She is passionate about sharing these tools through her business, Breath of Rebellion, where she teaches ambitious spirit seekers how to harness the power of their breath + mind, master their energy and emotions resulting in major life satisfaction, reduced anxiety, and a more calm + peaceful existence.

Today she is joining us to share powerful insights into the power of breathwork and how you can use it for deep healing and transformation.  In this episode you will learn:

  • What is breathwork
  • The inherent issue that holds us back from a life of happiness and fulfillment.
  • How Haley rewired her brain through meditation and breathwork.
  • The difference between kundalini, kriya, and pranayama and how each practice can open you up to deeper healing and release. 
  • The powerful effect of breathwork anxiety and overall wellness.

Then connect with Haley on Instagram @haley.niichel or CLICK HERE for upcoming events.


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