271. Hiding vs. Shining: The Key to 7-figure Success with Stephanie Hughson

Stephanie Anne Hughson is the founder of Courageously Confident and a business coach for female entrepreneurs who want to consistently crush goal after goal, while also helping their clients do the same. She is multi-passionate and believes you can have, do, and be it all, unapologetically.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn this week:

- What is means to be courageously confident
- ‘Hiding’ versus ‘Shining’ online space in 2020
- The lessons that 2020 has taught Stephanie in life and business.
- Her ‘Million Dollar moment’ - what it looked like and how she made it happen.
- What to do when you feel like you want to quit.
- How to reimagine what it means to “work” and “play” in your business
- The biggest mistake people make with goal setting.

You can connect with Stephanie on Instagram @xogingy


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