274. The Pros and COST of Building on Social Media

If you’re like most businesses trying to tackle social media growth, it can feel like the great “unknown” that’s holding your content down.

While social media started as a fun & new way to connect with friends online, it quickly evolved into a (competitive) hub for brands to reach their audience and customers.

Today, social media is as much about engagement with other people as it is about sharing content.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn this week:

- Censorship on social media and the reason why algorithms are so controversial.
- The Pros and COST of building on social media.
- Why building an email list is crucial and the best way to build a relationship with potential customers in an intimate way.
- How to simplify your business and be of service on social…for you AND your customers.
- Where to funnel and nurture your ideal clients with your best content.
- Setting boundaries for your energy online and protecting your content in a safe space.

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