275. The Visionary's Playbook with Tracy Matthews

Tracy Matthews is a Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur, Mentor to Creative Visionaries, and the Host of the Top-Rated, Thrive By Design Podcast. Her passion is helping people tap into their unique creative brilliance factor to make more money and impact.  As the Chief Visionary Officer of Flourish & Thrive Academy, she helps other jewelry brand launch, grow, and scale profitable jewelry businesses. Over the years, she’s inspired creative thinkers to use their innate gifts to grow their businesses.

Today she is here giving up insights into how you can truly embody being the visionary in your own business.  Whether are a product-based business or coach, Tracy speaks to the heart of what it means to grow and thrive in the online space. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What is means to be a creative visionary in business
  • How to harness your multi-passionate creative side
  • The role of risk how it has played in Tracey’s life and businesses
  • The sign you are ready to go from running your business as a side hustle to taking it full-time
  • How to expand from “producer” to “CEO” in your business
  • Navigating the ups and downs of the market
  • How to confidently price your products online and build multiple-stream income channels
  • The “growth equation” that all product-based businesses need to know for successful growth

Connect with Tracy:

On Instagram @tracymatthewsny

CLICK HERE to listen to Thrive By Design on iTunes

Find her online at Creatives Rule the World or Flourish and Thrive Academy


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