276. Listener Q&A: Confidence and Keeping the Faith

Great coaching is about asking powerful questions to unlock and bring to the surface a new way forward for our clients.

But it’s YOUR questions that excited us most!!

While the ‘right’ answers will vary depending on your personal circumstances, there are some common themes that come up for our Luscious Hustle community. In this episode, we’re answering your burning business and spiritual development questions…offering perspective shifts and questions you can ask yourself to accelerate your journey.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to set REALISTIC goals that you can actually achieve
  • Using the Moon to map out your big audacious goals into simple and specific actions.
  • The difference between intentions, goals, and activities
  • How to build your confidence when you’re too “shy” to show up online.
  • Betsy’s journey to overcome her trauma and the fear of ‘being seen’ to shine online with radical confidence
  • Your WHY versus your fear
  • How introverts can take center stage and honor energetic boundaries
  • How to reach (and grow) your audience.
  • Attracting your ideal clients: expectation versus reality.
  • Keeping your faith

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