277. Hot Seat Coaching with Julie Pelletier

It's time to SIMPLIFY Your Business Plan to Free Yourself From Burnout.

Julie Pelletier is a clinical psychologist and turned coach for working moms, and founder of Embody Hope. Julie is dedicated to supporting working moms stuck in a cycle of burnout and overwhelm. Her work aims to transform lives from just surviving to thriving.

Today she is getting in the HOT SEAT with us for a deep-dive coaching call to help her gain clarity around next steps and where she is feeling blocked right now.  

Together we explore: 
- Stepping away from an 8-5 day job and into self-employment.
- Scope of practice for therapy versus coaching, and how to decide which is right for you as an entrepreneur.
- How to decide if launching a membership will be successful for your business.
- Niching based on your human design, and how to niche down to sell.
- How to reach your ideal client avatar (ICA) and BELIEVE they are out there!
- Clear versus Clever: What to say to attract an audience.
- SIMPLIFYING your business plan to free yourself from burnout and integrate self-care.
- Why finding your soul’s purpose changes how you run your business.
- Generating fast cash in an online business…even if you’re not tech-savvy.

You can connect with Julie

On Instagram @coach_juliepelletier

CLICK HERE to visit her website, Embody Hope.
CLICK HERE to visit her website, Moms Thriving

P.S. Private coaching is a personalized, high-touch experience that will accelerate your healing journey and spiritual growth WHILE you build your business!



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