278. Q&A: Time Management for Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

Time is a weird thing. It goes by slowly when you don’t want it to, and slips away when you want it to linger. It is also the most common thing entrepreneurs tell us they need help with. 

If there are times when you sit down to get work done and feel overwhelmed by “all the things”….

If you are a multi-passionate creative but feel stressed to ‘settle’ on one thing…

If you feel like you can’t meet the impossible ‘standards’ of accomplishment portrayed on social media…

…Then it’s time to regroup and realign to the strategy that is correct for your life, your energetic design, and your dreams.

Here's what you'll learn:

- How to make the most of your time when you're building your business on the side
- Time boundaries for your brain + condensed creative pockets of time
- Making your work feeling play.
- How to know if your product or offer is going to sell before you launch it.
- Using the Law of Correspondence to stop self-doubt.
- Why (child-like) curiosity is the key to sales success.
- How to continue the momentum of money-making after getting your first client.
- Structuring your business to energetically open up time to welcome in more clients.
- Where to find energy and alignment based on your Human Design.
- How you can channel your soul’s purpose into meaningful work and income.
- Finding the correct strategy based on your unique energy and intuitive nudges.

P.S. Private coaching is a personalized, high-touch experience that will accelerate your healing journey and spiritual growth WHILE you build your business!



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