279. Hot Seat Coaching with Jena Viemeister

Jena Viemeister is a formally-trained opera singer ready to revolutionize the vocal industry through teaching voice and vibrational healing. Her work marries the established world of music with spiritual healing through chakra and voice work.

Today she is getting in the HOT SEAT with us for a deep-dive coaching call to help her gain clarity around next steps and where she is feeling blocked right now.

Together we explore:
- What it means to be a Projector; the work of being a guide in your life’s work and business.
- Overcoming imposture syndrome and the invitation to stand out from the crowd.
- How to get your message out into the world.
- The Chakras and Vibrational healing work.
- How voice work can heal past traumas, and awaken your true self.
- Why your formal education doesn’t limit what you can do or the money you can make.
- Owning your energetic gifts, and building a brand around your life’s purpose.
- How to scale from 1:1 coaching to group programs.
- Healing a money wound, and stepping from lack to a wealth mindset

You can connect with Jena

On Instagram @justjena.me or @pdxstudio102

CLICK HERE to visit her website, JustJena.me

P.S. Private coaching is a personalized, high-touch experience that will accelerate your healing journey and spiritual growth WHILE you build your business!



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