288. Vision Casting with the Winter Solstice

During this time in the Northern Hemisphere when we experience the longest and darkest nights of the year, with the least amount of daylight, we are given the invitation to slow down and reset.  

In the energy of Winter Solstice, nature asks us to go within, and take time to cast a vision for our coming year before the Sun's strength builds again.

Like in the movie Back to the Future, vision casting is the “flux capacitor” of your business success. It makes time travel possible for both you, and those clients and customers your serve, to suddenly see a preferable future.

And after the weird and unprecedented year that 2020 has been for us all, it’s safe to say that there has never been a more crucial time for you to cast a vision of what you want to receive in 2021!

In this episode you will learn:

- The significance of Winter Solstice and what that means for your business in 2021
- How do you make a difficult decision between two things?
- Recognizing the difference between a struggle and a challenge.
- More money, more problems?
- How to avoid manifesting the dark side of what you want.
- The necessity of choosing responsibility over righteousness.
- How to tell if your goal is really relevant to you.
- Vision casting rituals for the Winter Solstice

P.S. We’re here to turn dreams into successful launches, side hustles into full-time businesses, and entrepreneurs into influential leaders.  
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