291. Go Slow to Grow Fast: Is Hustle Culture Hurting You? [Level Up Series Part 2]

Do you often feel guilty or frustrated at the end of your workday for not getting as much done as you had hoped?

It’s easy to become addicted to the pace and stress of work that has become ‘normal’ in 2020. In an entrepreneurial social culture obsessive with ‘the hustle’, where phrases like “Rise and Grind”, “Hustle Harder”, and “Slay Monday” have become cliché…it’s easy to feel like an outcast for just wanting to take a break.

“Hustle” has a distinctive masculine, ‘bro-culture’ origin, and one that Betsy and Laura have long work to undo. In this episode, we explore why listening to the ‘small quiet voice within’ and how the messages of your body, instincts, and spirit are telling you will allow you to level up in your spiritual and business journey.

In this episode you will learn:

- The origins of what it means to LUSCIOUS hustle.
- Hustle culture and why it’s making you less successful.
- Why you can stop feeling guilty about napping
- Unwinding the “privilege” of working from home.
- How the lunar cycle provides a framework for understanding your energy…and DOING LESS.
- The richness of re-examining how your work fits into having a life.
- Using the last Full Moon of 2020 to step into a new paradigm for 2021.

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