292. Unconditional Love: The Next Level of Your Spiritual Transformation [Level Up Series Part 3]

It’s easy to show up in your business when things are “going well”, but what about when you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, alone, or like an imposture?

Underneath the worries about your website, social media following, sales funnel, or revenue-generating activities there lies a sneaky saboteur… conditional love!

Unconditional love is rarely a topic discussed in the business world, but today on the podcast Betsy and Laura explore why bringing awareness to conditional self-love is the true key to achieving fulfillment in your life and business!

In this episode you will learn:

- What does unconditional love mean to you?
- Redefining failure in business and where love can help you grow.
- The difference between the masculine versus the feminine approach to getting what you want.
- The underlying worthiness issue that is limiting women in business.
- Betsy’s story of ‘keeping score’ and ’karma debt’.
- How to tell if you are working in your wounded feminine.
- Self-love and the connection to nailing sales!

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