293. Amplifying Your Impact Through Conscious Action with Trudi Lebron

Trudi Lebron, Ph.D. (ABD), is a diversity, equity, and inclusion coach who teaches individuals and institutions how to build successful, anti-racist businesses.

In the past seven years, she has grown her company, Scriptflip, into a multi-six figure machine for helping others maximize their social impact. Trudi is the host of the Business Remixed Podcast, has been featured in Forbes, and was recognized as one of the Hartford Business Journal's 40 Under 40 Leaders in 2016.

Today she is here helping us breakdown the shifts that are happening in the online coaching space... and why EQUITY is the most important element in your business right now. 

In this episode you will hear:

- Trudi’s journey from the low-paying non-profit industry to successful entrepreneur.

- Rewriting her story from ‘high school drop-out teenage’ to impact-driven business owner and champion of DEI efforts.

- The important difference between EQUALITY and EQUITY.

- Challenging the coaching industry on diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

- Customer service and identifying barriers to success for your audience.

- Teaching practices that ignore systemic racism and oppression.

- What’s needed for a cultural shift in the coaching industry.

- Teaching versus Coaching: Redefining what coaching really looks like.

- The ethos Trudi instills in her business and team.

- Performative practices on social media and the new approach to leadership in growing a team.

- Discovering the values that are unique to you.


Connect with Trudi:

on Instagram @trudilebron

CLICK HERE to visit her website.


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