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Actually, You Can

blog Oct 17, 2019

Today I want to let you in on a little secret and also give you a gift...


For as long as I can remember, whenever someone tells me that something I want to do is impossible there is a little voice inside my head that says (in a slightly know-it-all way): 


"Actually, I can".


It doesn't matter how far out of reach something seems, if I really want to make it happen that voice is relentless. 


"Actually, I can"


In many ways, even though I didn't consciously believe in affirmations, that simple statement has been a silent mantra that has provided powerful motivation.  It has helped me navigate some of the most challenging moments on my entrepreneurial journey.... and today I want to pass it on to you.


Because... actually, you CAN. 

YOU CAN have everything that you want and desire.

  • Time freedom to do the things you love.
  • The ability to take your family on that dream vacation you have always wanted.
  • That new car or house you have been eyeing for months. 
  • Extra money to treat your kids and loved ones to presents for no reason. 
  • A successful, 6-figure business doing work that is in alignment with your soul's purpose and that has you jumping out of bed each morning with anticipation, not dread.
I KNOW YOU CAN because I have been in your shoes.

When everyone around me was telling me my ideas were too big, or that I should choose security over following my dreams, or that I should stick with what was already working, or I found myself questioning "is what I want to do even possible?"... that inner voice was always there cheering me on. 


"Actually, I can".


The misconception is that in order to get everything we want, we need to sacrifice.

Sacrifice our time.

Sacrifice our energy.

Sacrifice our hard earned money.


We call bullshit.....

We know you are abundant.

We know you are resourceful.

We KNOW you are meant to have everything your heart desires.


Because again, you CAN!

Betsy & Laura

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