321. Humanizing the Digital Customer Experience with Irene Moore

Irene Moore is a digital communications expert who helps e-commerce companies level up their marketing and build epic brands.


She co-founded Digital Marketing London (DM London) a specialist online marketing consultancy to the beauty, wellness, and luxury sector five years ago and quickly grew the agency through delivering digital marketing campaigns for global brands, such as L'Oréal, NYX Cosmetics, Cantu Beauty & Dior.


With a background in PR and marketing psychology, Irene’s always been fascinated by what makes a powerful brand and credits her own business success to helping her clients better understand the ever-changing shifts in customer behavior in order to deepen their connection with their consumers.


In this episode you will learn:

  • Irene’s take on converting “browsers to buyers”.
  • The key touchpoints to get potential customers' attention.
  • Humanizing your marketing in a changing social climate.
  • Organic marketing versus paid advertising.
  • Reaching for the stars while grounding your expectations.
  • The power of having a personal brand.
  • How Irene turned comparison into confidence.
  • How self-sabotage and fear of success stop you from turning your ‘hobby’ into a real business.


Connect with Irene on Instagram @irenemoore_

CLICK HERE to visit her website.


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