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357. The Marketing Strategy You Need to Know with Angela Henderson

Angela Henderson is an international award-winning business coach for women, international keynote speaker, and podcaster who helps women in business get all the pieces in place to have consistent 5 figure months and then onto 6/7 figure years without burning out in the process.


In this episode you will hear: 

  •  Angela’s journey to becoming a business coach.
  • Building a product-based business from scratch.
  • Breaking away from the confines of how we are nurtured to work.
  • Quitting a business to stay in alignment.
  • Understanding your identity to your work and your art.
  • What her clients are really coming to her for.
  • Human to human marketing.
  • Embodying next-level customer service. 


Connect with Angela on Instagram @angelahendesonconsulting

CLICK HERE to visit her website. 


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