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71: Blog Like a Boss- Meet Cubicle Buddies Turned Side Hustling Bloggers Stephanie & Vanessa of Modern Flourish)

IN THIS EPISODE: Vanessa and Stephanie, the creative minds behind the blog Modern Flourish. First launched as an Instagram account, these two office cubicle buddies have turned their love of health, wellness and living a thriving life into a full-blown side hustle. 

Over the past year and a half, Modern Flourish has expanded from an Instagram account into a supportive community and blog, with a focus on balancing self-care, fitness, and nutrition with everyday responsibilities. Today they are here giving us insights into how they built their brand and how they balance a growing side hustle with their full-time jobs.


    • How shared health goals at work turned into a thriving side hustle.
    • The dynamics of a Girl Boss partnership: an inside looks at the benefits of having a partner as you build a side-hustle.
    • Mindset hacks to help keep you on track if you are building a side-hustle while having a full-time job.
    • How Vanessa and Stephanie have taken the skills they learned in their 9-5 jobs and translated them into their side-hustle.
    • The tricks they use to keep their energy high outside work so they can flourish.
    • Their number one tip to starting a side hustle that works. 


Vanessa and Stephanie are office cubicle buddies, working the 9-5 in the fast-paced city of Toronto, Canada. One day at lunch, while chatting about the challenge of finding balance in their lives, they came up with the idea to start an Instagram account to connect with others in similar situations. They chose the name Modern Flourish, which means to live a fulfilling, thriving life in today’s hectic world. A year and a half later, Modern Flourish has since grown into a supportive community, focused on balancing self-care, fitness, nutrition, and daily responsibilities. They went on to also create a blog as another means to share their ideas about fruitful living.



Instagram: @modernflourish

Website: www.modernflourish.com


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