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72: Energy is Everything with Alpha Female Robyn Baldwin

IN THIS EPISODE: Robyn Baldwin is the host of the Alpha Female podcast, creator and blogger at RobynBaldwin.com, an Essential Oil Educator and Kobo best-selling author of the book Love Lost, Life Found.   

After being diagnosed with MS in 2014, Robyn embarked on health journey where she transitioned from being an MS Warrior battling an auto-immune disease to an MS Thriver and living well with the health sidekick. She is here today helping us break down what an Alpha Female is, the importance of finding harmony in your daily routines, and giving us insights into how she thrives as an alpha female in an ever-changing world.



    • The definition of an Alpha Female.
    • Robyn shares her own story of how she found harmony as an Alpha Female while adjusting to her new life with her “Health Sidekick”, Multiple Sclerosis.
    • The tools and mindset shifts that Robyn has embraced so that she can create thriving side hustles while still working a full-time job in eCommerce.
    • The importance of creating healthy habits in your daily life to keep your energy high, especially if you are an Alpha Female.
    • Why maintaining your energy levels is the most important skill to learn.
    • The money mindset shift that created the most change for Robyn while growing her business.


Robyn Baldwin is an Alpha Female who helps women find Work / Life Harmony.  Robyn works full-time in eCommerce and is Luscious Hustler passionate about publishing content as a fitness/lifestyle blogger on RobynBaldwin.com, a Kobo best selling author of Love Lost, Life Found, the host of the Alpha Female Podcast and a passionate Essential Oil Educator. She loves weight lifting, running, obstacle course races, yoga and making seasonal bucket lists. After being diagnosed with MS in 2014 and starting out on a new health journey she's transitioned from being an MS Warrior battling an auto-immune disease to an MS Thriver and living well with the health sidekick. Robyn was gifted with an auto-immune disease so that she could take better care of herself and teach others how to be more proactive about their health so they can go after their goals and dreams.



Instagram: @robynbaldwin

Website: www.robynbaldwin.com


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