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91: Make it Happen: Rewriting Your Money Story with Sunniva Holt

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2018


In today’s episode, we are excited to introduce you to Sunniva Holt, a transformation and wealth alignment coach based in New Zealand. Sunniva has a unique story. She bought her first property when she was 19 and built a multi-million dollar property portfolio by the age of 30. 

She has created three very successful multiple-six-figure businesses, released a #1 bestselling App, written two #1 bestselling books, recently bought her dream home, and frequently travels the world for both work and play.

Today she is here to help us dive into money mindset, the challenges she’s faced to accomplish her dreams and why being uncomfortable when taking action is a good thing.






    • What phrases indicate a negative money mindset [ 3:54 ]
    • How to view an obstacle as an opportunity [ 5:15 ]
    • How freedom can be a driving force in all aspects of life [ 8:40 ]
    • The #1 misconception about making money [ 10:43 ]
    • Two steps to begin to shift your money story [ 14:12 ]
    • How to tell if you suffer from the “tall poppy” syndrome [ 16:58 ]
    • What it really means when you don’t invest in yourself for your business [ 21:11 ]
    • Why you should seek out the “oh shit” moments [ 22:30 ]
    • What will never change as you scale your business [ 24:18 ]
    • How to use your past to choose your future [ 31:00 ]




Connect with Sunniva:





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