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Full Moon Ceremony {Part 3}

blog full moon Jul 05, 2020


Last night we experienced the powerful activation of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. Whether you were awake or asleep when the Full Moon went direct, the magic is just beginning to unfold!


Over the last two days, we have been walking you through the EXACT Full Moon practice that we use with each lunar cycle.

 It is through this practice that we have been able to heal past traumas, 3x our income, break free from the "hustle=success" mentality, and step fully into our Divine Feminine flow. 

This is a key part of our Moon Goddess Methodology and not something we have shared publicly before. However, as this Full Moon in Capricorn is asking all of us to connect deeply with our dreams and business goals, it felt like the perfect time to share this powerful tool with you.


To recap, activating your inner Moon Goddess at the Full Moon requires you to:

  • Step 1: Celebrate what you have already created
  • Step 2: Create space so you can receive what you desire
  • Today we are sharing Step 3: Declare your intentions

Your words hold infinite power. They shape whether you will thrive in abundance or struggle in lack. As we align with the receiving side of the Lunar cycle, it is time to declare your what it is you truly desire.


In the video above, we are sharing a powerful Full Moon meditation that will help you align your energy, get clear on what you are ready to create, and open you up to receive more.  So grab your headphones, your journal and a pen, and settle in.

As we said, the magic of this Full Moon is just beginning to unfold.  


Betsy & Laura


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