338. Can’t focus?  How to Reclaim the Power of Your Mind

You know those days…the ones where you can’t seem to complete a single task to save your life?!

For busy entrepreneurs with crammed schedules and overwhelming to-do lists, nothing is more frustrating than finally finding the time to sit down and work, only to spin out in ‘squirrel brain’ and not get a thing done.

It would be easy to blame your lack of focus on sleep deprivation, distractions, or ADHD. But Human Design offers a uniquely freeing perspective on why you can’t focus and how  you are actually designed to think, solve problems, and come to decisions.


In this episode you will hear:

  • Why Human Design truly is the ultimate lived experiment.
  • The gift of ADHD.
  • What it really means to have an inability to focus.
  • Understanding brain and mind variables in human design.
  • Why you’re NEVER too old to live your human design.
  • Reclaiming the beauty and power of your mind.
  • Discerning between those tasks that are “have to do’s” versus “should do’s”.
  • How Manifestor and Manifesting Generator energy is different.
  • The conditioning Generators experience around their sacral.
  • Projectors protecting their energy and experiencing exponential growth.
  • Reflectors harnessing the lunar cycle to excel in alignment.


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