326. Cultivating Wealth: Defining What Money Means to You (Money Sprint Part 3)

Money Is quite simply, an exchange of energy. Cash flow may ebb and flow but cultivating wealth ultimately comes down to understanding the power you have to affect money’s flow in your life. 


Your business is the vehicle that allows you to put your skill set out into the world and create a channel for money to come to you.  In today’s episode, we bring your awareness to how you are using your business as a conduit for channeling money, and offer powerful questions to challenge your existing money mindset.


In this episode you will learn:

  • What the water wheel of money.
  • Stepping into the empowered role of cultivating wealth.
  • Money Frequency Journal Prompts.
  • Defining what money means to you.
  • How the energetic exchange you make generates cash flow.
  • Giving your money a purpose.
  • Building a business that works FOR you.


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