317. Designing a Business That Feels Like Play [Freedom Sprint Part 3]

Do you know how the Universe designed you to work and manifest?

Do you know what it looks and feels like to be in motivated as your highest self versus pushes to fulfill a need? 

Do you have an innate knowledge of how to use your voice in a way that will actually land with your audience and make them want to buy?

In today’s episode, we are exploring how your Human Design allows you to turn your work into play, and struggle into cash flow!


You will learn:

  • Identifying if you’re playing small in your business.
  • Redefining what “strategy” is meant to work for you.
  • Where self-sabotage sneaks into your launch strategy.
  • How the Chakra system has changed.
  • Shedding old mental constraints to follow your inner authority.
  • An empowered leader is a PAID leader.
  • Your Human Design and doing the deeper work to understand your unique energy type to receive all that you desire. 


P.S. Welcome to The Playground!

A 6-month immersive coaching experience that will bridge the gap from struggling to meaningful cash flow.

Each of us has a unique human design that, when used correctly, allows us to manifest and receive everything we ever wanted! 

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