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370. Discovering Your True Desires with Danielle Searanke

What you create in your world is a direct reflection of your desires and declarations. 

If you have a dream in your heart that you are working towards, it's because the Universe / the Creator is gifting you the opportunity for a more abundant reality that you are destined to actualize.

In this special crossover episode with Luscious Hustle Podcast x Spirit School Podcast - Betsy, Laura & Danielle discuss:

  • Our individual journey’s with understanding what it means to pursue your truest desires.
  • Letting go of controlling HOW your deepest desires will come to you.
  • Desire as an act of self-love.
  • Sacral creativity and embracing your obsessions and cravings.
  • What happens when we ignored our inner desires.
  • Manifesting the dark side of your dreams.
  • How Danielle finally embraced her spiritual gifts.
  • Differentiating between true desires and “false desires”.
  • How women’s desires become gaslight in the old masculine paradigm of business.
  • Playing with your spirit guides to support manifesting your desires.
  • Discovering your deepest desires in the “darkest dark” of the Winter Solstice. 


P.S. Manifest your most incredible 2022!  

This Winter Solstice gift yourself the space to honor your deepest desires, tap into your wild feminine wisdom, and commune with your spiritual guides.


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