Episode 289. Choose Your Story, Change your Life

For all its eventfulness, 2020 for many people feels like a “lost year”…a year of strife, struggle, and loss.

2020 has warped our sense of time, daily routines, public interactions, travel, and the economy. It would be easy - logical even - to write a narrative about 2020 that can only be described as a tragedy.

Today on the podcast Betsy and Laura explore the power of letting go of the emotional and mental constraints of our past, and what spiritual transformation really looks like while growing your business.

In this episode you will learn:

- The last New Moon of 2020 and our Full circle moment on the podcast.
- Is Christmas cancelled?! The hard lessons of 2020 you’re meant to receive.
- Why the hardest year of our lives was also the best year of our lives.
- Redefining spiritual transformation, and what 2020 was really all about.
- Rewriting your personal narrative of 2020 and step into abundance.
- The myth of the spoiled, entitled millennial.
- Using the Lunar cycle to choose a new story and change your life in 2021.

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