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Everything Happens on the Other Side of THIS!

blog fear Oct 10, 2019
We just got back from sunny San Diego where we spent the weekend learning from some of the TOP online marketing experts and female entrepreneurs at Angie Lee's Pays to Be Brave conference. 
Witnessing speakers such as Angie, Lori & Chris Harder, Chalene Johnson, Allyson Byrd, Jasmine Star, and more take the stage and speak their truth was a powerful experience and it really drove home the point....
Everything good happens on the other side of FEAR. 
Here's why....
Fearful thoughts are designed to keep you safe... and limited. 
Fear thoughts are not truth.
Fear thoughts are not wisdom. 
Fear thoughts are simply your brain's hardwired programming designed to keep you safe and comfortable. 
When fear is taking the lead, we find ourselves saying things like:
"I don't have enough time for my business."
"Nobody can afford my product / program."
"I need another certification before I can..."
"I don't want to annoy people with my posts."
Fear loves to make us think that something negative will happen the minute we step outside our comfort zone.  But the truth is neither you nor your fear, knows what is going to happen in the future.
So your fear thoughts can't possibly be true. 
When a fearful thought arises your only job is to take a deep breath, give yourself a moment to look beyond the fear, and sync into what actually FEELS true for you. 
Fear always includes physical sensations. 
The most challenging part of listening to yourself and taking action on that intuitive nudge is that fear will literally hijack your body and make you physically uncomfortable.  It's not you... it's just human biology. 
Like a school-yard bully, your body will block you from moving towards your goal.
First, you will experience verbal threats- those pesky thoughts of self-doubt swirling in your head. 
Then, when you continue to move forward outside your comfort zone, fear will step it up with a physical assault.
An ache in your stomach, constriction in your throat, losing your voice the day of an important sales call, feeling weak at the knees when you introduce yourself: these are the physical sensations that can literally take us out when we least expect them. 
Learning to recognize these physical signs, and simply acknowledge them for what they are - just your old pal fear trying to keep you small - will allow you to witness your fear while still being able to take that next action step towards your goal.
Surrender to your feelings and trust the process.
Getting rid of fear is not the goal.  In fact, it's not even possible.  
Know that you have the power to change your relationship to fear. 
Fear wants you to stay small and comfortably unfulfilled.
Fear wants you to stay stuck and it's a fact that resisting fear will actually strengthen it. 
So acknowledge fear's messages as you would a small child - lovingly and with an open heart - and then proceed with your heart-aligned plans anyways. 
One final note on FEAR....
Fear surges after a moment of truth. 
You've just had a brilliant spark of an idea for your life or business, something you'd really love to do. 
Almost immediately, you may notice that your mind fills with reasons why you "shouldn't" and "can't" do it.  
Notice, these thoughts are NOT yours.
The brilliant idea you had moments ago?  That was your soul talking. 
The "I can't" thoughts are not the real you.... that's fear talking. 
You now have the gift of being able to consciously recognize what fear is saying, and with clarity choose what you really want.
Betsy & Laura
P.S. Where will you be 1 year from now?!
If you want to HAVE things you've never had (time freedom, being your own boss, an abundance of money to take care of yourself and your family)...then you first have to BE(COME) the highest version of yourself and DO things you've never done. 
✨BE -> DO -> HAVE ✨
It starts with tuning out the voice of fear,
and listening to what your heart wants.
If you want the next 1 year, 5 years, 10 years of your life to look the same
as it does now...by all means keep listening to fear.  
But you don't have to. 
The choice is yours! 
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