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EXCLUSIVE Full Moon Ceremony (Part 1)

full moon moon goddess Jul 03, 2020

Are you feeling the Full Moon energy yet???


There is a powerful Full Moon taking place this Sunday in Capricorn that is throwing our work-life balance into the spotlight. 

Adding to the magic of the moment, this Full Moon also coincides with a Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde, asking us to pause and really think about what it is we want to create and achieve in life.


As an earth sign, Capricorn's energy is practical and rational. 

It has a major influence on your business and career goals so this is not the time to be turning a blind eye towards the future.  A Capricorn Moon asks tough questions like: 

✨Do you really need to "have it all" in order to be happy?
✨Are the people around you lifting you up, or wearing you out?
✨Where do you need more space and time in your daily life to grow and expand?
Now, if you have been hanging out with us for a while now then you know that powerful effect the Moon has had on us... both in our personal lives and in business.
So in honor of this incredible Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse energy, we thought we would share some of our Moon Goddess™ knowledge with you.
Now, we have never done this over email before....  
But over the next three days, we will be popping into your inbox to give you the EXACT steps we are taking to maximize the effect of this Lunar Eclipse.
 ✨It's a Full Moon Ceremony right here in your inbox!! ✨
A Full Moon shines a light on our hopes, dreams, and desires 
What was once hiding below the surface, or that inkling of an idea that you couldn't quite put into words now stands before you with clarity.
Your objective during a Full Moon is to release the things that are standing in your way from achieving that thing you desire. 
Understanding Full Moon Energy.
When working with the energy of the Full Moon it is important to note that its energy can be felt 1-2 days before and after the actual Full Moon event.
You do NOT need to rush to find clarity right now.  
Instead, come along with us and start aligning with this Lunar energy.  
All you need is a notebook, pen, and 10 minutes of quiet time a day.  
Are you ready to ignite your inner Moon Goddess?
Let's get started.

Because the Moon works as a cycle, it's important that we acknowledge where you are at right now and celebrate what you have already achieved.


Abundance begets abundance, so stepping into an abundance mindset will activate your inner Moon Goddess and begin to raise your vibration.


As a Moon Goddess, you understand and accept that the lunar cycle is abundant and here to support and guide you.


We know that the #1 thing that blocks us from manifesting what we desire is doubt. 

If you feel like you are lacking something, you will block your ability to receive more. So let's get rid of the doubt and breakdown how the Lunar cycle is abundant so you can root into a new receiving energy.


✨ Three ways that the Lunar Cycle is ABUNDANT: ✨


1. There is always another cycle coming... which means there is always another opportunity when you are working with the Moon.

  • Think of it this way... even if you are not looking to the sky every night, you know where will always be another Full Moon coming in the future.  
  • How this translates as a business tool: even if something doesn't work, there is always another opportunity to try again.  
2.  The Lunar Cycle awakens our creativity.
  • Creativity is the cornerstone of being a Moon Goddess.  It is the Divine Feminine energy flowing through us.
  • Even if we "turn it off", that Divine Feminine energy still lives within.  We simply need to open ourselves up to receive in order to turn the tap back on (tomorrow we will be diving into how the Full Moon fully supports this).  
3.  The Lunar Cycle helps us navigate through the phases of our life with ease and structure.
  • Each phase of the Moon gives us a job to do.   As we become more in tune with those phases, the easier it becomes to deal with any resistance we are feeling or obstacles that stand in our way.  When you find yourself feeling lost or unsure of what step to take next, the Lunar Cycle acts as a guide, helping us to map out our next steps. 
  • Each phase offers us a time to dream, plan, execute, release, and reflect.  It is within these cycles that true transformation happens.
These are FACTS. 
Whenever you find yourself feeling unsure or in lack, come back to these truths to help you activate your receiving energy.  
✨ STEP 1:  Celebrate what you have already created. ✨
Now it's time to take action!
Grab your notebook and write down THREE THINGS you are currently celebrating.
Get specific:
  • Why are these events/things important to you?
  • How does each victory make you feel?
  • How are you planning to celebrate these wins?
When it comes to activating your receiving powers, you MUST acknowledge the work you have already done!
If you stay in the mindset that nothing you have done up to this point is enough, you will be starting in lack.
There is no such thing as "too small" a win!
Tag us on Instagram (@luscious.hustle) and let us know... what and how are you celebrating today?
We are here, holding space, and ready to celebrate with you!


Betsy & Laura


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