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Full Moon Ceremony {Part 2}

full moon moon goddess Jul 04, 2020

We are in the second day of Full Moon energy, with the big event (the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn) happening overnight (the Full Moon hits at 12:44am EDT on July 5th / 10:44pm MDT on July 4th) with the lunar eclipse starting 16 minutes beforehand. 


So we have to ask: how are you feeling today???


Full Moons have the tendency to ramp up our energy.

A Full Moon reflects blue light back to the Earth which can rev up our emotions and mess with our circadian rhythms.  Even if you aren't staring at the sky all night, you may still feel like you've had an extra cup of coffee today (and that's totally normal!).


Yesterday, we shared the first step to creating a successful Full Moon practice: Celebrating what you have already created.  Through that exercise, you were able to activate your inner Moon Goddess and step into your receiving energy.

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✨Today we are going to dive into Step 2: Creating space so you can receive what you desire.

Traditionally, we are taught that during a Full Moon we are invited to release the things that are not serving us in order to create the space for new things to come into our lives.


The thing that most books don't do a good job explaining is WHY this is so important. 


So let's dive in.


When you release something, you are creating a void... a space to fill.

In a traditionally masculine society, wherever there is space, we are encouraged to fill it immediately (with events, jobs, relationships, etc). The problem with this logic is that as our schedules and lives get filled with things, there is little space for new ideas to grow and thrive. We live in a constant state of lack- nothing is ever good enough. 

However, we understand that by creating a void we are creating space for the things we want to find us.

That void creates a stillness. That stillness brings a sense of peace and calm that allows our inner creativity, our Divine Feminine, to flourish.  And as the Divine Feminine flourishes, we open ourselves up to receive in abundance: ideas, divine downloads, and even money.  


The key here is understanding that receiving IS work. So even in stillness or quiet, you are still moving towards your goals.


The best way to illustrate this for you is to share a bit about our story and how we have used the Full Moon in our business.  

Seeing is believing, so we want you to understand the type of "magic" you can create when you co-create with the Moon.  


Back in August 2018, we were feeling burned out and things had stalled for us financially. We were hustling non-stop and still unable to break through $5000 per month. Our schedule was jammed packed and our lives outside the business were non-existent.


During the September Full Moon, we both set the intention that we would let go of our "hustle, hustle, hustle" mentality so we could create the space to call in an additional $50k by year-end.


We set the intention but had no sweet clue what to do next. 

This was a BIG stretch for us at the time.  So we turned to the Moon.

  • We knew that we needed to create a void in your schedule so we could talk to the people who we knew would be the best fit for our programs.
  • We also knew that we needed to be able to navigate the energy shifts we were feeling during the month (instead of simply ignoring them).

Within a month, we had cut two programs that while successful were not in alignment with what we actually wanted.  With that simple commitment to ourselves, we created the energetic space in our schedule and hearts so welcome more people into our existing offers.  


Now as we mentioned before, up until that point we had been consistently making $5k per month...

  • BUT in our first month of using the Moon, we made $10,700 (without adding any new programs or offerings)
  • In the second month of using our Moon Goddess plan, our income increased again - this time to $16,000.
  • Best of all, we easily surpassed our "stretch" goal of $50k by year-end and passed the $100k mark in our FIRST year in business- without fancy funnels, Facebook ads, and by working fewer hours than we ever had before!

So, you see... by creating space, and releasing the mindset that was keeping us in lack, we were able to reach our goal with EASE and in flow.


Now it's your turn!


Grab your notebook and think about where you can create more space in your life right now.

Write down 2-3 things that you can let go from your schedule right now so you can start creating the space to receive MORE.


Get specific:

  • Are you saying "yes" to things, when it would be better to say "no"?
  • What things are you doing during the day that aren't supporting your goals?
  • Is there a mindset shift that you need to make to create more space?

Again, it is in that newly created space that your Divine Feminine energy, and your ability to receive, will grow!


Tag us on Instagram @luscious.hustle and let us know... what are you ready to release?

We are here, holding space, and ready to celebrate with you!


Betsy & Laura

P.S. We are saving the best for last!!! CLICK HERE for the final step to this powerful Full Moon Ceremony

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